Hi, I'm Jakub Pomykała.

I'm a web developer from Poland 🇵🇱

I develop cloud services and inspire people to build their businesses.

Jakub Pomykała
Jakub Pomykała


👨🏼‍💻 Web Developer

👨‍🎨 Designer

⚒ Freelancer

🏖 Work remotely

💎 Data science & BI

👨‍🎓 CS master's degree


Cloud Application

Gather data in one place, sales analysis, send updates to your customers, anywhere and anytime thanks to business cloud solutions.

Work Automation

Your work can be automated by creating a cloud application which eg. exchanges data with your current software and do additional work.

Application Maintenance

You don't need to care about the servers
and domains, I will care about that for you.

Custom Code

Do you need something extra? No problem, use contact form
below and let me know what are your requirements.


Take a sec to let me know a bit about your project.
I respond to 90% of messages within 1 business day. Really!


  • I use professional tools to organize work and speedup development. You don't pay for application configuration.
  • I send a report every week with information about what has been done. Your opinion and new ideas are always appreciated.
  • I use continuous integration tools which ensures that software will be delivered to the server in seconds.
  • In case of emergency situation I'm available 24h/7.
    Try to ping me on WhatsApp.
  • All of my projects was delivered on
  • I'm always prepared to present my work thanks to splitting environment between development, test and production.


VendingMetrics icon


2018.02 - now

VendingMetrics is an easy way to monitor vending machines and keep eye on product shortages. BI & ERP reports, SMS notifications, gathers data from +4400 on IoT devices. We process more than 2 000 000 transactions each month!

My work

UI/UX, design, backend and frontend application, system support.

Technology stack

Java, Spring Cloud, ReactJS, JooQ, PWA, Docker, Amazon services



2017.01 - 2017.06

Discover and gather the most beautiful places in the world. You will discover many of the treasures of your immediate area which you had no idea about.

My work

UI/UX, design, backend and frontend application, occasional system support.

Technology stack

Java, Spring Framework, Hibernate, Apache Lucene, ReactJS, Amazon services, Docker

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2017.07 - 2018.02

Kozing is a platform where you can easily perform sales in the team by adding products you want to sell and letting each parent enter their individual orders.

My work

Backend and frontend application

Technology stack

Java, Spring Framework, QueryDSL, ReactJS, Stripe, Amazon services

TargetPeople CodeRunner


2015.02 - 2016.12 (as far as I know, project was discontinued due GDPR regulations)

TargetPeople is a platform which is taking advantage of machine learning, which helps you to find clients for your product.

My work

UI/UX, design, backend and frontend application, custom Slope One algorithm implementation 🤖

Technology stack

Java, Spring Framework, QueryDSL, MySQL, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Thymeleaf, PayPal, AWS

...and many more

MOBILE APPS - I am a former mobile developer :)

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