Hi, I'm Jakub Pomykala

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Jakub Pomykala

Java Programmer. Android & Spring Developer.


Web Development
Android development
iOS development
Java / Spring Framework

Few words about me

I was born in Szczecin and I lived there for 20 years, now I study computer science on Faculty of Electronics on Wroclaw University of Technology. In my free time I like listen classical music, read economics books, jogging, traveling and taking photos (here you can find my photos from trips). Sometimes I like to sit in front of my laptop and look for cool services making my coder life easier or... watching reviews and unboxes on YouTube and buy new gadgets online. As you probalby noticed I'm a nerd, as every nerd I LOVE Sci-Fi movies and series about other nerds like Silicon Valley or SG: Atlantis. I'm also learning Swift and iOS development in my free time. PS I enjoy british accent and sense of humor, if you have one of these, you should know - I like you.

I do the impossible right away

miracles take a few days

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